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Having trouble finding Mr. Right? Oklahoma Matchmakers is part of the largest personal matchmaking network in Oklahoma with physical offices in Oklahoma City.

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Members undergo a vetting process where their identification is verified and background screening is performed. This provides peace of mind that each member you meet goes through the same vetting process. The vetting process is not available with conventional dating methods most singles have tried.

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The true common denominator with our clients is their quest to find relationship-minded singles. Our female single clients have dated before and know the trappings of meeting men that do not share their relationship goals. Our professional staff will meet with you face-to-face and get to know what is important to you in the qualities of the men you wish to meet. Our members come from all walks of life including professionals and business owners all the way to those enjoying retirement. We absolutely have someone for everyone.

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“Hi, Brie.

Please consider this reply confirmation that I would like to place my membership on hold. I am very much looking forward to getting to know Doug better.

As you know, I had some apprehension at first, but that was very quickly replaced by the connection that is developing between us - both of us have said on various occasions that it feels like we have known each other for a very long time and that there is something deep and resonant between us that we've not experienced with anyone else.

Doug shows me on a daily basis how kind, honest, and caring he is - and I cannot express the depth of my appreciation at his dedication to being a man of integrity. Very quickly, his way of walking in this world has allowed me to choose to sink in and trust him as a man of his word. We are comfortable in each other's presence, enjoy a wide variety of activities together, appreciate each other's quirky sense of humor, and laugh often. AND there is a ton of chemistry, which is nice, too... ; )  It sounds a little cliche, but I honestly feel like I am back in high school when I am with him - of course with the added benefit of the wisdom we've both acquired over the years that have brought us both into this moment.

In the short time we have known each other, we have run the spectrum of conversations and experiences - from silly and fun to deep and soulful. We have not avoided the difficult conversations, but rather have found that we are able to engage honestly with each other in a safe and sacred space that allows each of us to grow more fully into ourselves and each other. He is willing to slowly build a solid foundation - rooted in trust, respect, and truth - upon which something long term may be built, and I can't help but remain hopeful that I have met someone who might could be the life partner I have been asking the universe to deliver to me for many, many years. Someone who is willing to be in conscious partnership, to consciously and deliberately create a beautiful life together. At this point, I can only ask that I might show up as the same person for him.

All of that said - I am AMAZED at how quickly our connection manifested and have to believe that is attributable to the process that you offer your members. As you know, Doug was my first introduction, and it felt scary to go on hold "so soon" without knowing "what else is out there". I sat with the question of whether I wanted to find out for quite some time and, in the end, my heart told me that the answer was no. The type of connection that Doug and I are enjoying, I believe, is rare - and I am choosing to lean in and trust this process, trust the universe, and trust him and me. It feels wonderful.

Thank you for your support, Brie, as I entered into and navigated this new-to-me experience. Though we only interacted a few times, I could tell that you always held the best interests of both Doug and myself at the fore.

I will look forward to keeping you apprised of how we are progressing, and wish you a lovely holiday weekend.